MZ Asia-Pacific’s one-stop-shop solutions for investor relations (IR), corporate communications, applied technology and capital market intelligence helps Asia-Pacific companies in their constant pursuit of shareholder value creation and brand strengthening. It also provides specialized consulting services on planning and execution of global investor communications programs.

With a team of highly experienced senior professionals and one-stop-shop service portfolio, MZ Asia-Pacific ensures that companies are provided with the best tools and strategies to interact effectively with the investment community, the media, and the public, successfully conveying the investment message (“why invest in the company and why invest now?").

MZ Asia-Pacific is also devoted to IR education through benchmarking and ranking programs, seminars, workshops, newsletters and magazines, enabling companies to rapidly achieve global standards of best practices.


Social Media for Investor Relations

For listed companies, the main advantage of having IR best practices is that they minimize the penalty of the company’s stock value by analysts and funds, given that inadequate governance and transparency practices create uncertainties.

However, transparency and governance policies alone are not enough to reduce uncertainties. They must be aided by an adequate communication program to ensure that this information is accessible and effectively reaches investors and analysts. In addition to the quality and quantity of information disclosed, such aspects as timeliness, frequency and how effectively this information reaches the intended target will determine the valuation gap.